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How does it taste?
Better than ever, we use less perservatives and added sugars than commercial
brands resulting in a cleaner tasting wine full of flavour. My guarantee is my
promise... I won't let you leave my store with anything you don't love!
I tried this before and it wasn't great.
In recent years our industry has been revolutionized, I can make better tasting
wine than ever before. You really have to try it again and I promise... I won't
let you leave my store with something you don't love.
How long should it take to make a batch of wine?
Depending on which type of wine you choose, it can take anywhere from
4 to 6 weeks. This is from the time you order until your wine is finished and ready
to bottle and take home.
How do I care for my wine at home?
Once you bring your wine home look for a spot with no direct sunlight away from air vents and high traffic, cooler is better. Setting your wine on its side is preferred to ensure the cork bonds to make an absolute air tight seal. As you finish each bottle rinse thoroughly, remove labels and store upside down until your next batch is ready.
How many bottles of wine in a batch?
Most of our wines are made in 23L batches which yields about 30 750ml bottles or
around 60 of the 375ml bottles. The only exeption is some specialties like
seasonal ports or dessert wines and ciders.
Isn't 30 bottles a lot?
Some things to keep in mind; wine gets better with age.
- Wine improves with age
- Wine makes great gifts - never show up empty handed again.
- Any gatherings or events coming up?
- Are you ready to try new recipes or sauces?
I want to make each bottle personal. Can I get customized labels done?
Yes! We can design a beautiful label with a personal message for your batch.
How long should I wait to drink my wine?
It all depends on which type of wine you make. The Niagara Mist wines for instance, are ready to go pretty soon after bottling. Some of the more full bodied reds and whites can certainly be enjoyed young and will benifit from being left alone for 6 to 12 months before uncorking. If you can wait that long!
Why are there clear and dark green bottles?
Dark green bottles are designed to protect the wine from light which can affect the colour and taste of the wine. The darker bottles are generally used for wines that are to spend a longer time aging - typically the more full-bodied reds. Clear bottles are usually used for white wines where aging is less important.
Why can’t I just buy bottled wine?
Natures Nectars is a licensed “Ferment on site” establishment with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario(AGCO). Conditions of this license state that customers must be “on site” and “actively participating” in the bottling process at which point the finished product must be removed from premise. Deviations can result in confiscation of customers wine, fines and suspension of license. But don't fret, we have turned this process into a quick and easy experience that is fun and rewarding at your convenience.
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