White Ice Style Wine
Ice wine is a very late harvest wine. The last grapes of the season are left on the vine to freeze, allowing the sugars and solids in the grapes to become more concentrated as the water in the grapes turns to ice. The result is a very sweet, medium to full bodied wine with long lingering finishes.
Red Ice Style Wine
Incredibly rich with berry flavours and candied fruit aromas, Red Ice Style Wine has a lingering sweetness followed by a lengthy finish. It has a bright garnet colour with a very rounded and sensory impression. Best described as lush sweetness.
White Port Style Wine    
White with a rich honey hue that only gets deeper with time, White Port Style Wine is rich bodied and full of character. It features the warm and inviting flavours of ripe fruit with a long finish. Almost as sweet as Ice Wine, White Port Style Wine has a more restrained sweetness and a heavier alcohol content.
Red Port Style Wine
Few flavours delight the palate like a nice port wine. Complex and structured, with flavours of plum, raisin, and chocolate, this sweet red wine has additional spirits added to it to increase the alcohol content. Port wines are usually served after dinner on their own because of their rich fruity flavours.
Ice Wines
Chocolate Rasberry
Chocolate Caramel
Chocolate Orange
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Port Wines
makes 12 Litres in 4 weeks...$140
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